iPilates Academy is a contemporary pilates studio offering professional instruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.


I’ve always had an interest in my own health and fitness as well as that of my family, as a lifestyle, not just a phase.  As as a result of seeking out alternatives to traditional high impact approaches to keeping fit and healthy, I found Pilates 18 years ago and was an avid participant in local Pilates groups primarily in the area of exercise focusing on matt work. Over time, this has culminated into a passion and career, which led me to becoming a Pilates instructor having qualification from BASI (Body Art and Science International). As a BASI Pilates instructor I am qualified in both Mat work and Equipment work.

Pilates is my absolute passion. Having been part of an amazing studio in Centurion and recently relocated to Fish Hoek, Cape Town, I knew that I had to open up a studio to give the locals a safe, welcoming and warm experience of the benefits of Pilates. I am passionate about what I do and suggest that Pilates should be part of a well rounded fitness plan- it’s part of your lifestyle and not just something you do! Even if you are eager to do as many classes as possible, don’t plan on hopping into a class every day. Your body needs a day or two to recover from fatiguing resistance exercise such as Pilates and I will guide you on how many times per week will suit your needs best.

Pilates stretches, strengthens, and aligns your body all at the same time and complements every other fitness endeavour because it prepares your body to move better in every way. Adding it into your routine will help you recover from an injury, lift heavier weights, run faster, swim better, or even achieve that elusive arm balance in yoga. Pilates caters for all unique needs and can be adjusted according to your specific goal.

I look forward to welcoming you to our studio, and am happy to help guide you about what Pilates can do for you.


Covid19 protocols are observed at both of our locations. Please ensure that you adhere to the requirements and ensure that you:

1. Wear a mask
2. Bring your own towel for hygiene reasons
3. Have your own water bottle (water provided onsite)
4. Sanitise as often as possible with the sanitiser provided in the studios

Should you not be wearing a mask you will not be allowed entry into our classes. If you are displaying any symptoms or think you have been exposed, please do not attend a class.